Today, our major work consists of addressing manpower/personnel resource and compensation labor force issues to provide clients with repeatable models to assist decision makers make optimum resource allocations…a real mouthful. We do this through (1) data analysis, (2) building functional models based on the analysis, and (3) building automated model of the situation using various programming tools. The model then belongs to the client for their use in doing sensitivity (What-If)analysis of the situation to develop decision options for leadership. Most of our models are based on labor force economics such as “how much of a bonus do we pay a Navy pilot” to stay in the Navy rather than go to the airlines. Our recent project with the Department of Veterans Affairs has involved a data analysis regarding lost income due to an individual’s service-connected disability. After the data collection from IRS and Census sources and extensive analysis, we are building a functional predictive models so the VA can justify how much extra to pay a veteran based on their disability, and for how long. The third step, again, is to automate the model for client decision making and economic justification. We do write reports, a very important part of our work, to accompany our work so the client knows what we did and how we did it. The report belongs to the client. We can reference our work, describing what we did in a summary statement for our website or our capabilities statement, and that’s ok. We can say…if you are interested in further information regarding this work, please contact SAG… But, the actual reports, analyses, and automated models belong to our government clients. For our purposes, I think a summary of what we did, organized by functional areas like we’ve done, is sufficient for our website purposes.