SAG Corporation
is an industry leader in manpower-focused research, analysis and software design. Located in Annandale, Virginia, SAG has been assisting private businesses and government agencies since 1985.

SAG uses a multidisciplinary approach to develop creative business solutions. Since SAG analysts understand the tradeoffs between technical sophistication and practical utility, they provide a valuable product: analysis and tools that decision-makers can use.

SAG offers a professional team with direct experience in the economic analysis of personnel issues. SAG's highly qualified staff consists of seasoned policy experts, applied economists, operations research analysts and software engineers. In addition, SAG maintains consulting relationships with leading experts in human capital issues.

SAG is committed to bringing solutions into focus for your continued success.

Recent Events
  • February 2, 2010: SAG Corporation in a teaming effort with Serco completed the initial phase of the Navy Econometric Model (NEM) for the Navy Post Graduate School (NPGS). This phase provides a browser application that allows NPGS faculty and students to develop econometric datasets for research on retention and attrition topics. Further work is expected to expand the current application to include research datasets on promotion and assignment topics.
  • December 8, 2009: Dr. John Hope presented SAG's recently completed study on Activated Military Reservists at a Small Business Administration Round Table. The study focused on the significant impact on small companies when reservist employees are activated and deployed. About 40 government agency officials and representatives from veterans groups were in attendance.